In Oklahoma, weeds can appear exactly where you don’t want them and can be tough to control. Luckily, there are effective, non-toxic options if you want the job done without harming your plants and grass.

Weed free lawn with dandelion in it

What Is the Least Toxic Way to Kill Weeds?

In addition to professional weed control services, there are some natural ways to combat weeds.

One is by introducing another species to crowd out the unwanted competition. Your lawn, in addition to being a form of self-expression, is a war for resources.

These low-maintenance plants are just perfect for ground covers: Heuchera, Honeysuckle, Brass Buttons, Creeping Phlox, Creeping Jenny, Stonecrop, Vinca Minor, and Lamium make excellent additions to your lawn and help discourage unwanted weeds.

Uprooting, mulching, and pulling weeds is an option, but as long as the root remains intact, the plant will most likely grow again. And this doesn’t prevent the seeds already in the soil from germinating.

If you have the time, we share Better Homes and Gardens tips on the different kinds of weeds, and how to remove them mechanically.

Safe, Effective Professional Weed Control

How do you get rid of weeds without harming plants and grass?

Licensed local weed control professionals can eliminate your pesky weed problem. We use pet and child-safe products so you and your family can enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Our multi-step weed treatments help eliminate weeds, and strengthen your grass for a luscious lawn. To guarantee satisfaction, our techs will come back between scheduled treatments if you need extra help.

Year-round weed control protection

Protect your lawn year-round by targeting weeds at every stage of their life cycle. We start early, before weeds even sprout, using pre-emergent weed treatments to kill their seeds in the soil without harming your grass and plants.

If you already have weeds established, our safe products can quickly eliminate the invaders in your lawn and garden beds.

Locally-Owned & Operated: The Lawn Guard Difference

As Tulsa’s oldest locally owned fertilization & weed control specialist, Lawn Guard can ensure your lawn stays healthy all year long.

Combine the best fertilizers for the season and for type of turf in your yard, with the most effective weed management materials. If your soil tends towards acidic, we can improve pH for better weed control and a healthier lawn.

Even great materials won’t create a beautiful lawn without a licensed, experienced, and committed technicians applying each one at the right time of the year.

Customized Weed Control Solutions

We take the time to understand your lawn’s specific needs, and how to treat the different grasses that you may have (Zoysia, Fescue, Bermuda). Our fertilization and weed control program professionals provide one-on-one attention in creating and implementing a custom program for your lawn.

Lawn Guard can take the hassle out of lawn care to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

What Our Customers Say

“Oklahoma Landscape provides seamless lawn care application service. My neighbors compliment me on my lawn’s appearance and health.”

– Doug Townsdin, Tulsa, OK

“Aside from my yard looking beautiful, the crew that comes to treat my lawn could not be more professional.”

– Jana McKee, Tulsa, OK