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“WEED FREE LAWN!” Fact, Fiction, and Hope for Your Lawn — the 3 most common words in the lawn care industry

How many times have you heard, seen or read these 3 words? From advertisements in the mail to messages on websites to signs on vehicles to billboards, the words “Weed Free Lawn” appear to be broadcast everywhere by companies that provide fertilization and weed control services.

The reaction these companies are expecting from this enticement? “How exciting! Finally a WEED FREE LAWN!”

Many people struggle and fail at maintaining a nice, healthy lawn. Wouldn’t it be great to know you just need to hire the right company to finally have a weed free lawn? What a relief!
Is a Weed Free Lawn Possible?

Can a lawn have a weed free appearance? Yes, it can. Can you find weeds in the nicest looking lawns, absolutely!

Quickly back to expectations. At Lawn Guard, we try hard to establish realistic, honest expectations. Do we strive for a weed free lawn? Yes, we do. We simply understand that Mother Nature is always at work 24/7/365 and that we will win the majority of the weed battles, but not all.

Many consumers are enticed by the “Weed Free” message but the statement in and of itself is simply dishonest and we refuse to jump on that bandwagon.
What Makes Lawn Guard Truly Different

Customers hire Lawn Guard to help ensure that their lawns look good. Our customers want to feel good about their properties and their lawns play a big role in that process.

This message represents Lawn Guard well: “A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of”.

Both our goal and our message revolve around working hard to give our customers a lawn they can be proud of.

At Lawn Guard, we simply refuse to send false or misleading messages to our customers and the lawn care industry as a whole.

For those who choose Lawn Guard as their lawn care service provider, we will work very hard across the entire company, to give you a lawn you can be proud of!
Aaron Wiltshire,

President, Oklahoma Landscape, Inc
Lawn Guard, LLC.

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