The ground is getting dryer this season in Oklahoma. People with a lawn may wonder if they should water it more. We asked our Lawn Guard experts about the best tips for watering your yard this Summer.

Watering is essential for a healthy lawn during the Summer. This is especially true if you have to water by hand or by manual sprinkler systems. Even folks with in-ground irrigation systems can water in a smarter way for their turf.

The Best Time to Water Your Lawn

The best time of day to water is early in the morning before or as the sun comes up. The next best time is later in the evening. You must be careful when watering in the evening because there is a chance of fungus growing in your yard. You should avoid afternoon watering when possible.

Avoid Wind Drift

Evaporation can give people with a lawn a false sense of how much water the turf is getting. Wind can blow water away from the needed target on the lawn. This is called wind drift. Time your watering to times of day when wind speeds aren’t strong.

Watering Takes Time

It is more beneficial to water less often but in deeper, longer periods than it is to water in frequent, lighter periods. Watering for 10 minutes every day is not the most effective. Water needs to get deep into the soil, not just wet the top of the grass blade.

Keep in mind, every lawn is different and will respond differently. It may take some experimenting to determine what is best for your turf.

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