The toughest part of maintaining a beautiful lawn or yardscape, is fighting off the never-ending horde of weeds and unwanted plants that never seem to stop invading your property. So, the solution is weed control. However, the most effective solution is attacking the weeds BEFORE they surface.

If you want a beautiful yard this year, free of any unwanted weeds and pests, now is the absolute best possible time to beat the weeds before they attack. That is why this January 18th, Lawn Guard will begin performing our top-rated yard fertilization and weed control programs.

Your lawn is a source of pride, so Lawn Guard only uses excellent materials. We understand your lawn’s specific needs, and how best to treat the different grasses like (Zoysia, Fescue, Bermuda).


Weed Types

A weed is anything that is unwanted. A rose in a lily garden is considered a weed. But, Better Homes and Gardens classifies 5 different kinds of weeds you will commonly find in your yard:

Annuals: Short-lived, but can spread relentlessly across your yard, and in a short amount of time.

Taprooted: These are your dandelions and occasional thistles. They can regrow from their long taproot, so digging deep, or beating them to the punch is the best way to control this type.

Rhizomatics: These weeds can be tough to control if done too late. Not only are the durable, but they can also regrow from their stems better than most other weed types.

Toughies: They live up to their name, as they are durable, resilient, and well seated in the dirt (think dock, or plantains) — making them 2nd to the toughest weed type. Lots of physical work is needed to remove these guys from your lawn. Unless licensed professionals apply professional-grade weed-control BEFORE they begin growing.

Monsters: These are any weeds that grow aggressively, and are incredibly durable (Japanese knotweed and bindweed are good examples). The best way to combat this weed type is to starve them of light and mow down the area. Of course, the absolute BEST method of weed control is fortifying your yard against the invaders BEFORE they arrive.

Your lawn is a safe haven, a place for your family to play. Give your lawn the best chance to thrive by having the materials applied by licensed, experienced, and qualified technicians at the right time of the year.


Make Your Lawn the Pride of the Neighborhood

Lawn Guard takes the hassle out of lawn care with the knowledge and experience to make your lawn the pride of the neighborhood. Our fertilization and weed control program professionals provide one-on-one attention in creating and implementing a custom program for your lawn.

So if you’ve wanted to start crafting the yard of your dreams but are continuously halted by endless weeds, you can contact us today for a free estimate, or click the button below.

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