Lawn Guard Community Donates to Help Women in Need

Lawn Guard Community had the honor of donating to Potluck Philanthropy to support its mission of giving feminine products to women in need in the community. We interviewed Tasha Lee to learn more about their organization.

What is the name of your organization and how do you help the community?

Potluck Philanthropy. We raise awareness on mental health by first meeting the basic needs of our community and empowering personal growth.

What inspired you to start doing this work? 

Personal experience along with lack of education and awareness on this topic.

How does lack of access to feminine products affect the community? 

We believe there is a Mental Health Awareness issue. In order to focus on mental health your basic needs have to be met. Menstrual items are a very basic need that are NOT recognized as essential.

What is something you wish more people were aware of surrounding this issue?

That 30 states do not consider menstrual items essential. They have a “luxury tax” while certain items for men are considered medically necessary and tax-exempt.

How can more people help your organization reach its goals?

REACH OUT! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram at Potluck Philanthropy OR and We have hit the ground running and look forward to growing these drives.

Lawn Guard Community is happy to support Potluck Philanthropy and other community initiatives! Learn more about our community work by checking out articles under the community tag.