Beautiful home viewed from the street

The Power of Curb Appeal

When I drive home and come up my driveway, I always take a quick survey of how my home, lawn, and landscape look. From the view of the street, many call this curb appeal.

How well does my property look from the street or the curb? When my property has nice curb appeal, it makes me feel good and proud that this is my home. In the spirit owning a home, feeling proud of your home is very satisfying for all of us.

Liking the way our property looks is natural and well deserved for those who work hard to maintain it.

Customers hire Lawn Guard to help ensure that their lawns look good. Our customers want to feel good about their properties and their lawns play a big role in that process.

This message represents LawnGuard well: “A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of.”

Both our goal and our message revolve around working hard to give our customers a lawn they can be proud of.

When our customers drive up to their homes, work on the lawn, or when they have family and friends over, we hope they are proud of the way their lawn looks.

Several years ago, we started sending that message to our customers in our advertisements and print materials. This statement honestly conveys our purpose – and our customers get it!

A Greener Lawn All Year Long

What do you get with the Lawn Guard Guarantee?

FREE technician service calls

FREE control of fungus & other lawn diseases

FREE lawn consultations

ALL weeds covered: Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Dallisgrass

NO charge for additional treatments if needed