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They’re the three most common words in the lawn care industry.

How many times have you heard, seen or read those three words? From advertisements in the mail to website messages to vehicle wraps to billboards, the words “Weed Free Lawn” are broadcast everywhere by companies that provide fertilization and weed control services.

The reaction these companies are expecting from this enticement? “How exciting! Finally a WEED FREE LAWN!”

Many people struggle at maintaining a nice, healthy lawn. Wouldn’t it be great to know you just need to hire the right company to finally have a weed free lawn? What a relief!

Experience and Lawn Care Reality

This year will be my 36th year in the lawn care industry in Tulsa. I can remember just getting started and how it felt to work hard to provide the best lawn care services for my customers.

But all my youth and energy couldn’t make up for a lack of experience. I often told a customer I could achieve a certain outcome, only to realize later that I really couldn’t. It didn’t take many of these types of mistakes for me to learn that, in certain circumstances, I needed to adjust my message and set proper expectations.

Once I started having more realistic conversations with my customers, our relationships greatly improved, and it set the stage for success rather than failure. If I continually tell our customers that we can give them a “Weed Free Lawn,” no matter how exciting that sounds, I would be sending a dishonest message and putting our relationship at risk.

What’s an honest lawn care message?

Here’s the thing. It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have a lawn that’s completely free of weeds.

However, what is possible is to have a lawn that is lush, green, healthy, and gorgeous, one that gives your house some fantastic curb appeal. It’s possible to have a lawn that makes you pause every time you come up to your driveway and say, “Wow, my house looks amazing. I’m proud to live here.”

That’s why customers hire Lawn Guard. We help ensure that their lawns look good. Our customers want to feel good about their properties and their lawns play a big role in that process.

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“A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of”

This message represents Lawn Guard well. Both our goal and our message revolve around working hard to give our customers a lawn they can be proud of.

When they drive up to their homes, work on the lawn, or when they have family and friends over, we hope they are proud of the way their lawn looks.

Several years ago, we started sending that message to our customers in our advertisements and print materials. This statement honestly conveys our purpose – and our customers get it!

Interestingly, we’ve seen quite a few competitors use this phrase as well as of late. But we like the axiom that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If our message promotes continued honesty in the industry, then we’re all for it!

Can a lawn have a weed-free appearance?

Yes, it can, even if it’s not actually completely free of weeds.

At Lawn Guard, we do our best to establish realistic expectations. Do we strive for a weed-free lawn? Absolutely we do! We simply understand that Mother Nature is always at work 24/7/365 and that we will win the majority of the weed battles, but not all.

Many consumers are enticed by the “Weed Free” message, but the statement in and of itself is simply dishonest and we refuse to jump on that bandwagon.

At Lawn Guard, we refuse to send false or misleading messages to our customers and the lawn care industry as a whole.

For those who choose Lawn Guard as their lawn care service provider, we will work very hard across the entire company to give you a lawn you can be proud of!

Aaron Wiltshire,
President, Oklahoma Landscape, Inc
Lawn Guard, LLC.

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