Merry & Bright
Be the first in your neighborhood to turn on the Christmas lights this year! It’s always exciting to see whose homes are decorated for the holidays.

And the warmth of Christmas cheer is spread quickly as people drive by the sparkly lights on a home or business. Christmas lights that appear around our neighborhoods, shops, churches, and restaurants bring us together in hope.

Make your life simple – let us install and takedown your lights.

Make your life simpler this year by calling Lawn Guard to help you create the perfect holiday lighting for your home or business. Schedule one appointment for the installation of your lighting display and another to take it down at the end of the season. 

We offer full-service support, including initial design, installation, and removal when the season comes to an end.

This holiday season, your home might be the inspiration for your neighbors to get into the spirit of Christmas – or even an encouragement for the homebound and lonely. 

So this year, let Lawn Guard do all the work, so you can enjoy the beauty of holiday lights from the comfort of the indoors. Call us to schedule your holiday lighting appointment today at (918) 299-LAWN.

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