A human hand filled with fescue seeds over the background of a lush green lawn. Fescue seeding is important each fall to ensure the grass returns in the spring.

Fescue Seeding Starts in 3 – 2 – 1

If you have fescue, you know how delightful it feels as grass for shaded lawns. But seeding your fescue lawn each fall is essential to maintaining a thick, healthy turf.

“Fall is the best because not only do we have cooler temperatures, but when we reseed in the fall, the grass has the fall, winter, and spring to work on a healthy root system that will do its best to help it survive our Oklahoma summers,” says the Tulsa County Master Gardeners blog[1].

The biannual fescue seeding season starts in a few weeks, when we have a short window to apply top-quality seed to keep your lawn lush and green this year.

Why reseed your fescue?

Fescue is an annual bluegrass, so it only lives for about a year before it dies and your grass begins to look patchy. Seeding, also known as reseeding or overseeding, replaces those blades of grass that have already completed their life cycle with fresh new seedlings.

This year in particular, our grass has had the additional problem of high temperatures and little rain. Fescue grass naturally thins in our Oklahoma heat, so we highly recommend seeding your fescue for the best-looking shade lawn this fall, and giving your lawn a leg up for next spring and summer.

When will I see results?

It will take patience and a little bit of maintenance, but after a few weeks, you should see a fuller, healthier lawn. It can take 2-3 weeks for fescue seeds to germinate, and a lot of factors can affect that growth, including temperature and watering schedule [2].

Our Fescue Reseeding Program

While it is possible to DIY your fescue seeding, a professional lawn care company will have the tools, knowledge, and proper grass blends to make sure your lawn looks the best that it can. Here are the steps we take:

1. Apply a top-quality certified seed

When it comes to fescue seeding, we never use anything other than the highest-rated seed. The seed we put on your lawn is Blue Label Fescue Seed Blend and it’s the best thing for Oklahoma fescue grass lawns. You want your lawn in top shape and that requires the best seed to grow fantastic grass.

2. Complete a professional core aeration

Your soil requires aeration to supply grassroots with needed nutrients and water and to prevent root rot. Our professionals come out with special tools that remove small tubes of soil in a pattern that provides adequate space for the grass to thrive and grow.

3. Top with one of the best starter fertilizers

Bringing new seed into the picture isn’t always enough to get the desired results for your lawn. That’s why, after reseeding, we apply one of the best starter fertilizers on the market today. This helps the young seedlings to take root quickly and grow strong and healthy through the next year.

4. Follow-up seed checks as needed.

We don’t seed and run! We’re here to help you throughout the season. Call us if you don’t see new growth or have any concerns about your reseeding. Our team will come out to your home and explore solutions with you.

Call now to get on the reseeding calendar!

Seeding in Oklahoma takes place soon, and the opportunity to seed passes quickly. So call us now at (918) 299-5296  to get on our schedule and confirm your seeding early!

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