The hot Oklahoma summer has finally (mostly) concluded, leaving us with warm days and cool nights. But don’t think that saying goodbye to mosquitoes means your pest problems are over.

Fall weather—the cooler temperatures and shorter days—triggers many pests to start seeking shelter and food sources indoors.

While you’re heading indoors sooner in the evening, many critters are finding new ways to access structures like homes, businesses, sheds, and garages.

This is where perimeter pest control comes in.

Perimeter pest control specifically targets the perimeter of your home, creating a barrier that will help keep pests like spiders, insects, and rodents from finding their way into the nooks and crannies of your house.

How do I know if I have a pest control problem?

Pest control is really about prevention.

Most likely, you only think about it when a cockroach scurries across the floor or a tiny stream of ants crawls along the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, these little incidents are only a signal that more pests will soon be hiding in the walls, under the sink, or around the baseboards.

Fall pest control isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Without the intervention of a professional pest control treatment program, your home might see an infestation that hides through the winter, nesting and growing in number. When the temperatures warm up and spring arrives, you could see a much more serious pest problem as they begin to emerge and seek food.

Perimeter pest: not just for ants and spiders.

Ants, spiders, and other bugs aren’t the only pests looking to make a cozy winter nest in your house. Rodents are also a big problem because they nest in fall and are seeking the safest place for their babies. If you live near a field, a farm, or even just a big garden, having a certified and experienced pest control team on call is a real benefit.

These critters love to bed down their babies inside your home because it’s safe, secure, warm and dry (you know…all the reasons you love your home!). Your home also offers fresh bedding and food in the form of boxes, spilled crumbs, or a piece of bread left on the counter.

When you sign up for the Perimeter Pest Program, you can simply call us. We will bring you the appropriate rodent bait and check in to be sure the problem is resolved.

Protect your home for the winter.

Whatever your pest situation is, we can help. Call us anytime at (918) 299-5296 or get a free quote right now.