Professional Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Grand Lake, OK

Are you struggling to keep up with lawn maintenance and pest control at your home in the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, area? Do you want to hand these duties off to experienced professionals who can produce outstanding results? Look no further than Lawn Guard. We are a trusted choice for professional lawn care and pest control services, and we can keep your yard looking its best and your home protected from pests.

Lawn Care Services by Lawn Guard

At Lawn Guard, we offer a wide range of lawn care services that will help your lawn thrive throughout the year. Our services include:

  • Fertilization to keep your lawn healthy and green
  • Weed control solutions
  • Fescue seeding that will give you a lush lawn all year
  • Tree and shrub care that will ensure the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs
  • Core aeration to Improve soil drainage and promote healthy root growth
  • Disease control programs that will protect your lawn from dangerous outbreaks
  • Lawn maintenance packages that can provide hassle-free lawn care tailored to your needs

Pest Control Services by Lawn Guard

In addition to lawn care, we also offer comprehensive pest control services that will keep your home protected from pests. Our services include:

  • Perimeter pest control – Create a barrier around your home to keep pests out.
  • Flea and tick control – Protect your family and pets from annoying pests.
  • Mosquito control – Enjoy your outdoor space without the nuisance of mosquitoes.
  • Spider control – Keep spiders out of your home with our effective solutions.
  • Cockroach control – Eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from returning.
  • Grub, termite, ant, and stinging insect control – We offer targeted solutions for these common pests.

Want to Learn More?

Whether you need ongoing lawn care or targeted pest control services, Lawn Guard can provide solutions that are right for you. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive services we offer to homeowners throughout the Grand Lake, OK, area.