Lawn Care FAQ

Many people have questions when picking a lawn care program near them. To answer some of these questions, our licensed lawn care technicians at Lawn Guard answered some frequently asked questions about spraying for weeds and using fertilizer on your yard.
When should I mow my yard after I receive a weed control treatment?

We recommend that people wait 3 days before mowing their yard after a treatment. This allows our weed control products to work completely and get rid of weeds in the yard.

Should I mow before I receive a weed control treatment?

If you have certain spots in your yard that need to be treated for weeds, we recommend people wait to mow until after their yard is treated. This allows for products to completely cover the weeds and gets rid of them.

How often do your fertilization and weed control technicians come out to treat my yard?

Typically, lawn care professionals come out to treat a property every 4-6 weeks throughout the warm season. We treat yards from mid-Winter to the end of the warm season each year.

Is weed control safe for kids and pets?

Our products are all safe for kids and pets. We recommend that you wait at least one hour or until the lawn is dry before having people or pets on the lawn.

How long does it take for lawns to be treated before I stop seeing weeds?

For a yard that has never been treated before, it takes a full 7 step program to have a yard with complete weed control.

Will my weed control treatment wash away in the rain?

Many people wonder if a treatment will wash away in the rain after a lawn is treated. What they may not know is that fertilization and weed control works better after being watered in. This means that watering or rain fall helps a lawn treatment work more fully.

Do I need an irrigation system to have a beautiful lawn?

Many of our customers do not have an irrigation system, but they still have a thick, beautiful lawn. This is because Oklahoma receives a large amount of rainfall every year. Our customers without an irrigation system have thick, beautiful lawns with the tools given by our 7-step program.

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