Take Care of Holiday Lighting Early This Year

Lessen the stress of the holiday season! Let our design experts create a stunning winter wonderland using environmentally-friendly LED lighting systems that are durable, safe, and efficient.

We offer everything from traditional string and mini lights to animated displays, wreathes, and much more. With your input, we can design a one-of-a-kind lighting arrangement for your property.

Plus, we’ll install, remove, and store the lights at the end of the season, so you won’t have to lift a finger to have a gorgeous display.

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What Our Customers Say

We were very satisfied and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for lawn service.”

- Anita Kosir, Broken Arrow, OK

“Oklahoma Landscape provides seamless lawn care application service. My neighbors compliment me on my lawn’s appearance and health.”

- Doug Townsdin, Broken Arrow

Holiday Lighting FAQ

What kind of holiday lighting do you do?

We do pretty much any kind of lighting you can think of! This includes:

  • House lights
  • Roof peaks and valleys
  • Fascia
  • Gutters
  • Large and small trees (including trunk wrap or trunk and branches)
  • Stake lights (such as along sidewalks and flower beds)
  • Bush lights
  • Wreaths

We have many color options as well, whether you want plain white, a multicolored display, or to mix and match or alternate.

All our lights are brand-new LED lighting, and we’ll provide timers and extension cords as well. Once the holiday is over, we’ll take the lights down and store everything until next year.

Whatever your dream is for your holiday lighting, we can help you achieve it!

What is the typical holiday lighting consulting process?

We will meet with you to take a look at your house and find out what kind of holiday lighting you would like done. We take things like the size and design of your roof and the size and design of your lawn into consideration to help you get the best holiday lighting bang for your buck.

What size houses do you do lighting for?

We have no limit to the size of house. Big or small, give us a call to make your holidays bright!

How much does holiday lighting cost?

We do pricing by the foot.

For smaller homes, it’s $750. A medium-sized house would run $1,300. A larger house would run $2,000 to $3,000.

For the works, everything lit up on a 3000-sq. ft. house, it would be around $5,000.

How steep your roof is will also play a part in the price; steeper roofs are more difficult to light and will cost more.

That price will stay the same every year. If you would like to change the color scheme, we will do that once, free of charge. After that, color changes will be billed for.

What should I keep in mind when doing my house's lighting?

Keep in mind what will be visible to people on the street, as that will affect what we can focus on.

Why Choose Lawn Guard?

Custom Design

We design a display that fits your home & budget.

Decor Storage

We install, remove, and store the decor for you.

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Proudly serving our neighbors since 1985.

Community Focused

Giving back to our communities.

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