Fescue Seeding

Help Your Lawn Beat the Heat

Few things compare to the beauty of a thick, green and lush Fescue lawn! In order to have that kind of beautiful lawn, annual seeding is required. Unlike Bermuda and Zoysia, Fescue grass does not regenerate from year to year. Fescue grass naturally thins and can become sparse, especially during the hot summer months.

How it Works

Typically, we begin seeding our customers’ lawns in mid-September. This is the best time of year as the daytime temperatures are beginning to decline but the soil temperatures are warm enough for seed germination. We core aerate the lawn, apply the proper rate of a high quality Fescue seed blend (one with 0% weed seed) and end with a starter fertilizer.

When To Fescue Seed Your Lawn

Late summer and fall is the best time to seed your lawn. The seeding window begins in September and starts to fade in late October.

Schedule Fescue Seeding

Fescue seeding has a fairly short window, so if you have a full or partial shade lawn, contact us for a free, no hassle quote for your Fescue seeding this season.

Get Started Today

Our fescue seeding program is a comprehensive solution to improving your lawn. We go the extra mile for you every step of the way. Call us today to get started.

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