Pest Control Services

Perimeter Pest Control

We keep pests out of your home by targeting where they gain entry as well as areas they hide outside of the home.

Our Lawn Guard insect barrier is applied around the perimeter of your residence, targeting cracks, crevices, window sills, dryer vents, and all areas these pesky critters may try to gain entry from.

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Protect Your Family with Full Service Pest Control

Your home should be a haven—no pests or harmful pesticides allowed. Our Tulsa and Oklahoma pest control programs use only pet-safe and family-safe products applied in a gentle manner by certified technicians. Customized plans are designed specifically to target pests on your property, using safe, reduced risk products, approved by the EPA and passing our own safety standards.

Pest Control in Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma

Every pest control program with Pest Guard, our pest control division, begins with a strategic consultation. We learn key factors affecting your property, including age, construction type, environmental conditions, and existing pest problems. Armed with this knowledge, we guide you to the best solution, tailoring our services to your specific needs.

What Our Customers Say

“I utilized Lawn Guard to protect our front yard landscape. Don’t take for granted a proactive approach. Would highly recommend.”

– Jake P, Tulsa, OK

“I have been very pleased with how quickly our property has responded to the program. The crew’s attention to detail and extra effort is impressive.”

– Bill B, Tulsa, OK

“Terrific service and professional & friendly staff.”

– Walter B.T, Tulsa, OK

The Pest Guard Pest Control Program

Pest Guard, our pest control division, has a three-step program for taking care of your pest problems.

    • Inspection: We examine both the interior and the exterior of your home to identify any current problems and any places you might have issues in the future.
      • First Treatment: Exterior perimeter treatment and interior treatments for spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlies.
        • Additional Treatments: We follow up with regular exterior treatments to stop pest problems at the source.

        All our pest control treatments are family-safe and environmentally friendly, applied by experienced, licensed technicians.

        Pest Guard Division

        Our staff cares for your home with courtesy and a gentle touch. Pest Guard provides proven effective treatments, pet/child-safe products, and professionally certified technicians. Need to see more pest control options? Visit the Pest Guard website to discover your pest-free lawn.

        Our Service Area

        We’re proud to serve Tulsa and surrounding areas:

        Broken Arrow
        Sand Springs


        Grand Lake

        Protect Your Home from Pest Infestations

        Prevent pest problems by creating a perimeter of protection around the exterior of your home, where pest problems typically start. Inspection by a certified technician will identify your specific needs and allow us to customize protection of your property.

        Pest prevention procedure:

        • Treatments to the exterior of your home.
        • Treatments for doors and windows.
        • Risk assessment to eliminate conditions in your yard and exterior of your house that increase your risk of pest issues.

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