Grub Control

Protect Your Lawn at Its Roots

Grubs are common lawn pests that can occur even in the healthiest lawns. Often, the thicker and greener your lawn is, the more likely it is to be infested. Grubs are not good for the soil and can destroy a lawn over their life cycle.

Grubs live underground and feed on the roots of grass, plants, and trees, which can kill your lawn in large patches if left unchecked.

White grubs are actually the adolescent form of the Japanese beetle, which are a serious pest and destroyer of many varieties of grasses, trees, and shrubs.

Grubs can cause two serious problems. By feeding on the roots of your lawn, grubs can cause extensive turf damage which often times leads to replacement of the affected areas. Grubs can also attract moles to your yard, leading to even more lawn damage.

How do I know if I have grubs? If you start noticing brown, straw-like blemishes or if mole tunnels are present, this could indicate your lawn has been invaded by grubs.

Serious problem, easy fix.

Fortunately, grubs are easily killed with proper biannual treatments. Grubs are most active during the spring and fall, so getting down the insecticides at the right time is very important.

Our preventative grub control products go down before or just as the grubs hatch in spring through early summer or when you see adult beetles flying around.

By eliminating grubs, your lawn will be healthier and less inviting for moles.

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