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Mosquito Control in Tulsa

As the weather gets warmer, it means more time outside: grilling on the back porch, taking care of your flower beds, running around the yard with your pets and kids. Unfortunately, warmer weather also means more mosquitos.

Let Pest Guard help you control mosquitos and keep your yard as a place for your family to enjoy.

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$25 off Mosquito Control Service!

Protecting Your Yard from Pests

Our Oklahoma mosquito treatments follow a basic process.

Step One: We inspect your yard to identify any problem areas where mosquitos can hide.

Step Two: We treat both the problem areas we found and anywhere else in your yard that mosquitos might congregate.

Step Three: We repeat the process monthly April-October so we can stay on top of mosquito issues all season long.

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Family-Friendly, EPA Approved Mosquito Treatments

We’re a locally owned and operated Tulsa pest control company, and we know how important it is that treatments on your yard are not only effective, but safe for your pets and children. That’s why all our treatments are EPA approved. We’ll take care of mosquitos without harming your family.

Mosquito Treatments for Outside Events

If you’ve got an outdoor event coming up, we can make sure mosquitos don’t make an uninvited appearance.

Our multi-step treatment—one visit two weeks before the event, and a follow-up two days before the event—is both effective and odor-free, so nothing will darken your special day.

Areas We Serve

We’re proud to serve Tulsa and surrounding areas:

Broken Arrow
Sand Springs

Grand Lake

Why Choose Pest Guard?

Our mosquito treatment is effective at controlling mosquitos in your yard, but your satisfaction is our number one priority.

If you have an issue between service calls, just give us a call, and we’ll come to do another treatment absolutely free.

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$25 off Mosquito Control Service!